Transmission Repair

Perfect fix mechanics who are specialist in Transmission Repair have a wide knowledge of the current automatic transmission machine and we make sure that you don’t need to replace your transmission with a new one. Automatic transmission and the transaxles have been used for more than 60 years. They have been consistently modified and improved, evolving from early inefficient designs to smooth shifting.

Our experts will make you understand the issue in the automatic transmission and will repair the transmission if needed. The ideal transmission will transmit engine power with no slipping. Slipping can be defined as failure to transmit all engine power to the other drive train. In other words, a slipping transmission will lose both speed and torque between input and output shaft.

While servicing your cars transmission we make sure that after repair your transmission machine is covering all the basic purposes:-

• To transmit power from the engine to the drive wheels when necessary.
• To disconnect the running engine from the drive wheels during the gear changes and when the vehicle is not moving.
• To reverse the direction of the power flow when the vehicle must be backed up.
• To multiply engine torque as needed.

In simple terms we make sure that after the transmission repair the engine torque and speed to match the vehicle’s needs. Today, most automobiles use front-wheel drive system equipped with transaxels. Transmission and transaxels perform the same function.

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