Gearbox Repair

At Perfect Fix, we focus strictly on gearbox repair. We have the ability and experience to reconstruct the greater part of your gearboxes. We concentrate on enhancing segments to equivalent or better quality and will repair and figure out parts for all gearboxes.

Additionally, to our Perfect Fix Auto Repairing LLC offers extensive services for gearbox remake and repair, including emergency services. We are satisfied to offer the service limit for full and fractional gearbox modifies, and also procedures and techniques like gear changes, seal changes, and case revamps. Whether because of product failure, auto maintenance, or the requirement for part substitution, we can deal with your gearbox substitution and reconstruct needs.


  • Authentic manufacturers’ spares used as standard.
  • Complete examine and comprehensive warranty.
  • Plan and detail of thorough drive installation.
  • Upgrade and improvement of existing gearboxes.
  • Exhaustion and failure mode analysis on bearing, shafts and gears.
  • Cost effective alternatives to new equipment.
  • Complete realignment guarantees hardware resolute quality.
  • Monitoring the condition such as Vibration analysis, Thermographic surveys and Lubrication analysis.


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